Articles from June 2008

An Ode to Player Characters

They’re a random factor, a source of chaos, an uncontrollable force of nature. Rarely does any plot which meets them survive unscathed. They forget the names of those around them, work from motivations all their own, and usually have far too high an opinion of their impact on the world. And they are our most [...]

Letting Go

One of the biggest difficulties I have, when talking to non-writers, is trying to explain what happens when I get stuck on a specific incident. “So I’ve got this situation,” I explain. “I know what’s supposed to happen, and where the story ends, but, well… my main character doesn’t want to go that way.” About [...]

Welcome to the Exchange (Original Introduction)

I come today with one of the most flexible tools a writer could have.
It isn’t exactly uncommon for people to tell writers that they should try playing in tabletop role-playing games. After all, it’s a chance at characterization, a way to work on descriptions a bit, and a chance to see what sorts of interactions [...]