Up until now, I’d never really understood the need of webcomic artists to celebrate their hundredth strip. It’s what, a little over three months? Only significance is that it’s a three-digit number. Now, half a year, that’s impressive.

And then I actually started blogging, and I began to understand it a bit better. Keeping to a tight schedule is blasted difficult, particularly when real life is being real life. So three digits is a lot more exciting, and definitely a lot more daunting, when you’re doing it yourself.

As a result, I’m going to break one of my unwritten rules and talk about how I relate to the real world on a day other than Sunday. Not a problem, right? I promise, you won’t get this again around 200 unless you ask for it, and this time I mean ask.

Anyway, a hundred days ago, after a couple weeks of dithering around, I got up the nerve to apply for a blog with the Today network. I was surprised by how quickly they said yes, but even more surprised by what happened afterwards. Here I was, surrounded by all these people with really successful blogs about mainstream topics, and they found my maundering on a topic that practically defined “niche” interesting. It was flattering, what can I say?

Since then, I’ve acquired a full time job with an absurd commute, discovered many of the “joys” of the Real World, had to run up to Oregon for a week for a funeral (oddly enough, the night of the event was the night I wrote one of my better posts), and discovered a meaning of time crunch I didn’t understand even when I was working on my undergrad thesis. Through it all, this blog has been something of a stabilizing point for me: It’s the one constant, or at least the one I actually enjoy.

I’ve had a lot of fun here. The surprise at coming home to discover things like being featured or Stumble pile-ups, for instance. And some of the topics! The Generic Villain, for example, was an accident, resulting from me going into an “I’d turn to evil, only I know exactly what would happen” rant after an incident involving the local disposal services and some bad timing. The riff on nonbinary combat was a result of my trying to articulate just that inconsistent something I was finding in some of the games I was playing in. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as flattering as Ishmayl proposing to write a blog responding to my posts.

I’d like to thank the RPG Bloggers’ Network. Not just for bringing me many of my most articulate commenters, and not just for being patient while I sorted out my wonky RSS feed, but also for some more inadvertent things. Featuring two of my blog posts on days when I really needed a pick-me-up, for instance; coming home to discover you’ve just had your work featured for the first time can’t take the sting out of losing a family member, but it can definitely help.

Thanks also to my household, for putting up with 10 pm “My deadline’s coming and I still don’t have a topic!” and my game group for giving me things to write about. And both groups for occasionally filling the other’s role. You guys are amazing!

And thanks to everyone who reads this, for coming back so regularly and having such interesting things to say.  Looking forward to the next few months!

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