Articles from October 2008

…and a Sense of Wonder

We deal with the unreal. That’s something we can all agree on, right? That what we treat with does not exist, will not exist… and yet we attempt to get it across. Gaming, writing, it doesn’t matter.
And yet, despite this, so many people forget about the one thing we can do that almost nothing else [...]

The Anatomy of a Plan

Yesterday, I started riffing on plans and their importance. But as Brickwall pointed out, not all plans are created equal, and there’s a good chance of failure. Here’s my take on how to keep it from flopping.
A good plan has several characteristics. One, it’s well-informed. The group has a good idea what they’re getting into, [...]

Why the Group Might Need a Plan

You might need a plan if you’re about to go into an occupied area and the foe’s numbers are overwhelming. You might need a plan if you’re supposed to conduct a three-pronged infiltration and require complete subtlety. You might need a plan if you need to matchmake one PC with an NPC while keeping both [...]

Impractical Applications (Collaboration and Zombie Gunners)

Short one this week. Game ran late, and I almost couldn’t run this due to how long it took to introduce one of the elements.
Earlier this week, I talked about collaboration, and how useful it can be when coming up with new plans. Now, what kind of example would I be if I didn’t use [...]

The Generic Villain on Minion Morale

The Generic Villain moves into leadership and organizational structure.
The common image of our kind of organization is that of one cackling overlord, a few lieutenants with impressive-looking costumes, various classified employees doing classified things (you know, mad scientists/mages, the odd spy or two, the average five year old child on the advisory board), and a [...]

Secret Identity Aesthetics

And I finally get into the RPG Blog Carnival mindset. Superheroes really shouldn’t have given me this big a difficulty.
The secret identity isn’t just a matter of tossing on a costume and saying you’re done, regardless of what Superman would make you think. There’s a lot more to it, and neglecting little details is as [...]

Opening the Game Table

Inspired by this post.
I said I wouldn’t get personal after my 100th post piece, but I really can’t talk about this one without a personal element.
We bloggers, as a class, wish to be heard. We might tell ourselves otherwise; heck, when I first set this blog up, I thought I was doing it as an [...]

Collaboration and Challenges

Yesterday, I riffed on the usefulness of collaborators in worldbuilding and plot-devising. If they’re so useful, we might wonder, why do so few of us have or choose to use them?
One of the biggest reasons is the people we have access to. Our audiences need to have several characteristics: An understanding of how we think, [...]

Creation as a Team Sport

(For a more writer-centric look at this, check out this Capturing Fantasy post. Since James is more eloquent on the subject than I’ll ever be, I’m going to be putting a heavier emphasis on the gaming side of the topic. Writers can still get use out of this, though!)
So here we are, making worlds. And [...]

Fights in the Vineyard

A while ago, A Butterfly Dreaming featured a series on interesting places to have a fight. I’d like to add to this with one that came up during my own adventures today: the vineyard.
The best part of the place is that there are multiple ways the fight could go, depending on where on the premises [...]