Articles from November 2008

RPG Bloggers NaNoWriMo – Short Story Part 4

First part here. Second part here. Third part here.  Conclusion below.
Shalla reached out for the dagger, then drew her hand back. “What’s the dagger for?”
“It’ll help you see what you need to. Wouldn’t do us any good if all you could see was the monster [...]

Impractical Applications (The Best of Lysha)

The holidays may be good for post ideas, but they’re not so good for gaming, so I don’t have a session highlight to amuse you with.
I do, however, have a request from last week.
TheZomb mentioned wanting to see “A god of prophecy who only makes sense if you’re high on something.” I had a character [...]

Black Friday and Motivation

If there’s one thing that really helps a storyteller, it’s understanding and using the irrationality of human nature. You’d be amazed by the lengths people will go when they think it’s in their best interests, and very few things demonstrate it near as well as the good old American tradition of Black Friday.
For those of [...]

The Generic Villain Gives Thanks

The Generic Villain, realizing that stealing Thanksgiving as a whole is overall counterintuitive, decides to settle for commandeering today’s post.
Now ends the harvest season, and the minions begin to respond—to squabble over the furnace, forge and kitchen jobs, to grumble about endless clouds that are gray and not black, and to grumble their way into [...]

Religion and the Individual

An excellent way to introduce diversity of character types into a religion is to consider what they’re doing there. They’re not all coming for the same reason, after all—and while not all reasons are created equal, most of them can at least do something for your story.
Of course, there are the truly devout; aren’t there [...]

Having Sects

I’d been planning this topic for a while, but seeing this post by A Butterfly Dreaming pretty much demanded that I write it now. And by now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what it’s for.
So we have religious sects: subgroups set apart by a focus, difference in tradition, or other tenet that [...]

Religion and Divergence

deas change as they travel, morphing to fit their cultures, their regions and their eras. Would the images of gods be any different? I doubt it.
There’s a lot about a god’s image that can change over time and space. Name, for instance, particularly if a language shift is involved. Peripheral associations as well: while you’ll [...]

When Religions Meet

Even in the real world, no religion operates in a vacuum. And this goes double in the often polytheistic worlds of today’s fantasy. So what happens when two religions meet?
They might just fight. There are a lot of reasons to fight in general—land, resources and authority can be reason enough, but then when the scriptures [...]

Impractical Applications (Of Domains and Divine Madness)

Remember how I suggested a couple articles ago that the mind of a god whose domain underwent a drastic change might snap? I got to play with that today.
Three gods breathing for a city underground, faced with a threat beyond their means. Three with a dictum of “never again”, but how to give their words [...]

The First Requirement of Religion

A religion needs people more than it needs a god.
Consider the importance to many of today’s religions of names. Most of them have at least a few big ones: major prophets, people who were said to have entered into covenants with their creators, people who set forth systems of ideas, ones who did things so [...]