On Announcements and Opportunities

We’ve been together a while, and I’ve got a few things to say.

First, after the last month, having the Generic Villain air regularly on Saturdays is growing on me. But there’s only so much evil one person can contain, and while I have a greater capacity for it than many people would expect, even I have my limits. So anyone who has questions about villainy—concept, execution, necessary supplies, ways of cultivating a properly infuriating love/hate relationship, advice for dealing with a certain protagonist—leave a comment on the Generic Villain page, and get a linkback to your site (if applicable), your name in pixels either way, and an answer to your question. What’s not to like?

Two: Welcome to all of the new arrivals from Entrecard; I see you’re making yourselves at home. It’s a pleasure to have all of you. If you have any questions, or if you’re overwhelmed by my use of technical terms, let me know through the Suggestions page and tell you which parts of the concept are giving you the most difficulty. I plan on creating a user manual for this blog by the end of February, in case of vocabulary slippage.

Three: For the experts as well: the Suggestions page is here for a reason, so please, utilize it. Gamers know that the GM lives on feedback; so too does the blogger. Don’t be shy.

And last but not least:

Ladies and gentlemen, game designers and artists, enthusiasts all sorts—have I got an opportunity for you.

Those of you who’ve seen my About page know that I work for the nascent RPG design company Victorious Press. (Okay, technically I run it, but what’s a little title among friends?) So why am I bringing this up today?

Because we’re looking for people. Who better to ask than you?

So, important stats.

System: Primarily D&D 3.5 OGL, though if we get critical mass for 4E, or if a bunch of people have a really nifty alternate system idea, we might be able to work something out. Our current projects involve several compilations of alternate mechanics and a pair of adventures with differing scopes, but we are very open to suggestions and enthusiasm.

What’s needed: Designers and artists. If you’re both, that’s even better. Instructions are here.

Further details available on request at the forum.

Good luck!

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