Impractical Applications (Someone Else’s Character)

Some of you might know that I used to have an assistant, back when I first began running my game. He was one of the reasons why I could get away with the absurdly large cast of characters my game featured; we split the cast, allowing for a bit more randomness, considerably less trouble with conversations that the group was just listening to, and our own chances to half-play at times.

He left my game about a year and a half ago. While it was an inconvenience, it wasn’t an active problem. Until, that is, tonight.

We’ve run into characters who were originally his responsibility before. Most of them were easy; canonicals, or ones we’d co-designed. Easy characters, easy voices.

Then there’s tonight. Group’s trying to track down Forged in Malice, and they think that an old friend of theirs can supply them with resources that might help them. Leaving aside the in-character issues, I have a few difficulties with this: One, this was a rather last-minute plan (I wasn’t expecting to deal with him for another few weeks), and two, this was one of my assistant’s strongest characters. Alien modus operandi. Lot of power to mess with, and I haven’t much practice in dealing with this kind. And most importantly, a very distinctive voice.

I’m decent at approximating a character from a description, and making said character sound distinctly like herself. Every now and then, I’ve even managed to predict a canonical character’s style before it’s really specified. But this one—I can’t get the word patterns together, and I’m really not sure what was going on in that head the last time he met with the group. He was always one of the more amusing characters in that regard; I liked trying to puzzle out what he was thinking.

Ah, well. It’s a challenge. And it’s been long enough since they’ve heard him—who’s gonna know the difference?

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