Impractical Applications (On Swamps and Doves)

It’s another of those weeks for improvising. I’d had tonight’s scenario in mind for two weeks, but finding time to plan—that’s another matter. Particularly this week. First I was teaching test prep in El Centro, then there was stuff at work, then one of my friends dropped by for some anime-watching. But I’d still thought I was going to get to plan today, until a ring-necked dove with all its tail feathers missing and a white cable tie around its leg ran into me on my morning walk.

I couldn’t exactly leave the poor thing alone, could I?

Bird rescue is a lot harder than it looks, even with a bird in a condition like that. There’s finding a box for it, then getting it into the box (particularly difficult when the little guy can still fly). Then discovering that the normal shelter won’t take it, and the pigeon owners’ club can’t identify it, and the place that will take it is across the county in traffic that’s acting like rush hour lite. And realizing that session is in an hour and dinner still needs to be prepared….

Let’s just say the day was full of improvising. On something that was supposed to be too spectacular to just improvise.

So I’m bringing my group into a swamp. To fight something that makes the Blob look like child’s play. The descriptions, fortunately, were pretty easy. Descriptions usually are. Just give them some dead trees , a whole lot of sludge, light levels… and the smell. You can’t forget the smell. It gets their attention every time.

Fun facts, as well: Spooky atmospheres can be greatly aided by the proper application of the right music. Blobs get excellent concealment from murky water.  Knowledge of proper placement can make an amorphous enemy scary.

And next week, I might actually be able to fit the session to the posts!

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