Knowing the Author Further: 7 Things Meme

Last Sunday I got tagged by chameleonsdream, a fellow Today network writer and longtime gamer. The instructions are simple: name 7 things that people don’t know about me. I’m not ordinarily a meme-passer, but it’s been long enough since the last one that I figured I may as well go for it. So here goes!

  1. I’m an American citizen born abroad; my father was an Air Force doctor stationed in Upper Heyford, England, when I was born.
  2. I’m not very good at remembering dates, even when monumental things happened on them. I’m a walking counterexample to the idea that the woman’s the one who remembers the anniversary, often have to use a lot of temporal “landmarks” to remember the year in which something happened, and only remember what day of the week it is once I hit Friday because that’s when game is (I remembered the tag was Sunday because of the Generic Villain, let’s put it that way). I can remember dates if multiple notable events happened on them, though; while I’d have to look it up to tell you what day last year I started this blog (it was in late June somewhere, and I’m pretty sure it was a Tuesday because I was gaming that night—at least I think I was, that might’ve been the week we were just talking—but that’s as close as I can get without peeking), but I can tell you the exact date on which the Perseid meteor shower peaked in 2008, and the exact date of the first time my blog was featured on the RPG Bloggers’ Network, partly because they were the same day. (This is really ironic when combined with my photographic memory for game events; I had two different GMs who depended on me to remember names and details for them.)
  3. Despite the generally personal nature associated with blogs, I’m not very good at telling people what’s going on with me through said blog. Okay, yeah, that’s something everyone probably knew, but not the extent to which I do it. Remember in Point 2, my knowing the date of the Perseid meteor shower and the article feature? They were on the same day. They were also on the day my father had a fatal zipslide accident. (You want awkward, try learning about the accident and the blog feature within five minutes of each other. I don’t think I viewed the whole mess ‘normally’ since.) I didn’t really tell anyone, and I managed to keep my daily schedule, even the day we had to drive up to the middle of Oregon from San Diego and had tire trouble and a brush with engine failure. Closest I came to acknowledging it was the post that went up on the day of the funeral.
  4. I played youth soccer for four years running when I was younger, and was on some darn good teams the first two years.
  5. I haven’t followed a TV series on cable in getting on for five years now. College got me out of the habit; let’s face it, when you’ve got fifteen people and only two television sets, and most of the people there don’t like your shows, it’s pretty easy to decide it’s not worth the bother. Then I got home and there wasn’t too much point in starting up again.
  6. I have the rather odd record of having been the first person in my college ballroom dance class ever to take the choreographed dance portion of the final solo. By the time I figured out what was going on, everybody had been paired off, and I had an idea involving a tune I was fond of, waltz and tango footwork, and some skills and equipment picked up from my partial semester of Noh Drama two years before. (While I was not surprised to be the only one in the class who took that part of the final in tabi, I was mildly surprised by being the only girl to take it wearing pants.)
  7. My undergraduate thesis was on the plausibility of silicon-based life. While my conclusion was that it’s chemically impossible, a carbosilane base strikes me as being a plausible backbone for organic molecules. (And I will cheerfully go into details if anyone wants me to.) This is also where I became a Cairns-Smith fangirl.

Normally, people pass these things on, but all the Todayers I know either have been hit already or don’t pass memes, and I don’t want to clutter up the RPGBN with non-gaming content, so I think I’ll pass on passing.

So how much did you see coming?

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