Flight of the Ravyn

Welcome to the new home of the Exchange of Realities.

I’d been considering this move for a while; those of you who followed things other than my blog probably know why. My old site was nice, particularly in the beginning when community was still the priority of most of the major Names on that network, and I couldn’t argue with the pay, but the pay stopped, and the disadvantages started outweighing the advantages.

I’m not very good at new things, particularly not in times that are already rather stressful. New habits take a while to get into; new branches to my social life usually happen to me rather than being sought out, and I can only think of one time I’ve gotten into a new game system for reasons other than “That’s what’s available/what a friend of mine wants to run for me”. Moving, sight unseen, to a new blog, with the added trouble of figuring out how to transfer my own stuff and how to get around the possible dent to my post-per-day reputation? Ack.

The decision was a lot tougher than I anticipated. On the one hand, stability, an established location, and the return of pay if I was willing to monetize a little—and, of course, free hosting. It’s hard to argue with free hosting. Not to mention that I’m attached to my work enough that any move would require me to start shelling out to recover the copyrights to my prior posts (let me tell you, they’re pretty expensive). On the other hand, I didn’t have full control over how comments worked (longtime readers might remember the Registration Incident of February 2009, or the complete comment freeze and subsequent vanish the following autumn), couldn’t determine the appearance of my own blog beyond colors and heading image, and most importantly didn’t own my own copyrights. This was big for me; I can talk about my game a bit without having to worry about someone else owning the commercial uses of my thoughts, but it’s generally unsafe to write about the creation and details of a world that’s even theoretically for a future novel or game setting when you don’t own the words you’re putting down.

So welcome to the new site. The rest of the usual amenities will be popping up once I get my bearings and a little extra free time; prior blog entries will arrive once I’ve bought back the copyrights. Have fun!


  1. Stargazer says:

    I am glad that you finally decided to make the move. And I hope getting the copyright back to the stuff you created isn’t too expensive. As for my part, I added this new blog to my Google Reader subscription and I will make sure I’ll let others know where to find you from now on!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Reina Sweet says:

    Hello Ravyn!
    I figured this would be the appropriate place to post a comment that is ultimately just attempting to ensure the domain switch went through correctly.
    Testing testing.

  3. Ravyn says:

    Stargazer: Semi expensive. I’ve got lines out to a few people who might be able to tell me or find someone who can tell me what kind of legal ground both they and I are standing on.

    Reina: You’re coming through loud and clear, Webmaster. Thanks for everything!

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