Poetic Interlude

You know you have too many characters when you can do this, with a specific subset of the game’s population, and most of the characters listed have at least one alternative.

A Loose Threads Heavenly Alphabet

A for Altair, a good place to begin;

B is for Brychan—did you recall him?

C for Calandra, you heard what she said;

D is for Devin, in over his head.

E is for Elegant Hedalantish;

F is for Farren, who plays the Sport Which.

G is for Gen, a bit crazy but nice;

H is for Haisha—do you know the price?

I for Iona, you’ve known her quite long,

But also Irayo, who doesn’t belong.

J for Jeket, though Jalil deserves mention;

If you can’t name three Ks, you’re not paying attention.

L is for Lysha but also Lien,

M is for Makyah, Shayarin’s friend.

N is for Nicabar (not on stage yet)

O is for Olathe, destroying the Dead.

P is for Petrichor—her home is up here;

Q is for Quita: she handed out gear.

R is for Razi, all shrouded in veils,

But also for Ruri, collector of spells.

S is for Shain, though he’s reaching the end

T is for Tsubame: DO NOT OFFEND.

U for Uzoma with friends everywhere,

V’s Vega, but check A—you may find her there.

W’s Watende, distrust automatic;

X is for Xilivan, god in the attic.

Y for Yael, so keep keeping your word

Z, Zarinem, plus four horses, one bird.

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