The Migration Begins

Listen! Do you hear that sound, in the distance? Fingers click against a keyboard like the patter of little footsteps to accentuate the slow, rhythmic thump of the posts hitting the Web one by one, the RSS feed bleats in surprise, and somewhere, something is gnawing on its own liver. Off in the distance, posts raise their headers to the sky and roar to the sun above, their feet obscured by the tag clouds kicked up in their passing. The time of the blog migration is here!

Hyperbole aside (you know you’ve been staring too long at these posts when the first thing that comes to mind is a metaphor like that), I’ve recovered the copyright to all of my posts and am finally moving my old content to this site. It’s going to be a long, slow process, but once it’s finished, I can devote my energy to things like making site navigation easier or actually gathering all those characterization post links I’ve been promising to assemble for a while now.

Fun fact: the exporting algorithm uses on its blogs may work from one Today blog to another, but when trying to move a blog from their network to another site, even another Wordpress blog? Not so much; even my epically awesome webmistress couldn’t get it to import properly. The good news on this is that I can revamp my categories as I go, creating a far more complex, specific system than we had on the previous site. The bad news is that every single post has to be re-entered by hand. Right now I’m doing a preliminary entry, just getting the posts officially transferred and categorized; additional tags are for the next load, and the comments (those that survived the Purge of ‘09, anyway) have been preserved and will be added once the rest has been done. So if you ever wanted to go on an archive trawl without having to worry about your entire week being eaten, this might be a good time; the slow movement of the posts should create nice palatable chunks in which to process the old material.

Change is in the air. Where will you be for the Great Migration? And when the dust has settled and the blog can rebuild itself, is there anything you want to see?


  1. Michael says:

    Oh. Wow. The new list of categories is just awesome (a word I use too much, but here there doesn’t seem to be an adequate substitute).

  2. Ravyn says:

    Thanks! Back on the old site I couldn’t add a new category without having to exclude anything written before it was created, since posts were locked after a few days; this time I can add new categories whenever I want, but I figured I may as well work with them now and get it over with.

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