RPG Blog Carnival Roundup: Let Me Show You My (N)PC

This month on RPG Blog Carnival, I called for people to show off their favorite NPCs. It wasn’t quite the turnout I’d hoped for, but we got some great posts.

Sea of Stars presents Evvaraa, Knight of the Spring, an androgynous and thoroughly described NPC.

Federico at Drop the Dice took the prompt and went sideways with it, presenting a dialogue between two characters. Nothing but speech, but they come across quite nicely nonetheless.

The Astral Sea hits two characters in one article: one nameless dwarf, and an enigmatic, un-sagelike sage, plus why they’re so memorable.

AllGeektOut introduces us to Princeton Hawthorn of the Outer Districts.

Over at Moebius Adventures, we have a contrast of NPCs, one a nameless stock NPC that shows up in every inn, the other a description and design process (right down to the laugh) for a well-developed NPC.

Dungeon’s Master, on the other hand, went conceptual rather than specific, discussing the matter of turning a retired PC into an NPC, usually one competing with the group.

I also made a point of participating. The first post I wrote was also my last post on my old blog (and, I’ll admit, an attempt to circumvent the rule against linking people here; after all, I used to write for RPG Blog Carnival all the time), featuring information source and comedy duo Dicer and Drosha; I chose them because they could be explained without too much information on the setting. Next came Esemeli, mad scientist and demon researcher, whom I chose partly because of her complicated family dynamics and partly because she managed to go from villain to party ally without particularly changing her behavior or being a fountain of compassion to begin with. Then there are the last two, Gawin and Ancreta from my short-shot Mouse Guard game.

Thanks to everyone who participated for an awesome carnival!

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