Obligatory Anniversary Post

Two years!

It’s been a long one, encompassing several long arguments, more series than I care to count (including one monthlong), three jobs (two of which have their own categories), one filler topic that turned into its own series, the beginning of a novel idea, and a site move. I still haven’t missed a day; by now I’m starting to think that’s a sign of insanity, but it’s a sign that works for me.

Speaking of the progress of the site, you may be glad to know that despite the earlier problems with the exporting algorithm from the original blog network, all of the posts posted to the original Exchange of Realities site (which has since ceased to exist, its host network having sold its domain name to the Today Show and wandered off elsewhere) are now up on this site, in a new and more comprehensive category system permitted by the fact that I can actually edit posts more than three days old on this site. So if I’ve written it for this blog, you can find it through the Search function, one way or another. Even without the anniversary, that alone is cause for me to celebrate. The next phase is moving over the comments, or at least what of them survived the crackdown last September: does anyone know of any good tricks for making this go faster short of turning off the CAPTCHA and logging out of the blog?

I’m grateful to those of you who’ve continued following me, through foot-in-mouth slips and occasional bursts of sleep-deprived insight, problems with the comments on the old site and that server outage a couple months ago, times when the inspiration just fountained out and times when I wondered whether I could keep up with one post a day, things I considered worth explaining on the blog and things I only really implied.

So thanks for everything, and here’s to keeping it up!

(And yes, suggestions are still encouraged.)

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