Sound Off: Quick Navigation

Yesterday’s riff on crowd-pleasers got me thinking about the purposes of this blog itself. When I started writing, back on the old network, I envisioned my site as a go-to place for writing and gaming advice of all sorts, particularly for characterization and world-building. Two things, though, got me to realize that there’s one point I’m going to have to seriously think about with regards to making this site the resource I want it to be: Navigation.

The first was looking up at my post counter at the beginning of this week and realizing that I was about to cross into the Land of Four Digits. Yep, you heard me; the post count on this site has now passed 1,000. Lovely though the event is as an excuse for self-congratulation, it does make it harder to find anything you aren’t specifically looking for on this site: there’s just that much more to sift through.

The other key to my realization came from the fact that at this point, even I tend to have a little trouble finding my posts, and the category setup really isn’t comfortable for flipping through these things. Back on the old blog, I’d gotten in the habit of topic pages because, due to rules that were probably meant to prevent posting and then yoinking my post later, I was literally unable to edit a post after a week or so (at most) had passed, and that meant posts were literally grandfathered out of categories. Aside from issues with needing to be manually updated, though, I think the link-list pages made looking for some major topics easier—I know the site I used to reference most often probably got a decent chunk of its hyperlinks from me simply because I could find them without having to click through groups of ten articles, and I think the main reason I can still find old posts is that my admin search function allows for more refined searches than the basic site search function.

Which leads me to a question for you, dear readers.

What topics on this blog do you think you’d get the most use from quick-reference link-list pages for? It doesn’t matter if something’s already a category or has never been a category, if I spend half my effort on it or if I wrote four or five posts and couldn’t figure out how to revisit it: what sorts of things do you want to have an easier time finding on this site?

Fire away!

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