Impractical Applications (A Small Party)

Earlier this week, I talked about the uses of casual conversation and of mapping out social situations. I’ve had reason to apply both recently, particularly in my solo game.

It began simply; Kiriko decided to throw herself a birthday party, and invite in a few people from the complex and another few from the office. It led to the most lopsided numbers situation I’ve been in in a while; playing somewhere around ten PCs off of one NPC. Fortunately, I had a few resources to keep things moving smoothly in the first session.

One was knowing the characters to some degree; three were regulars, a decent number of the others were characters whose voices I could slip into easily, and the rest I’d at least played once.

Another was knowing who connected to whom most straightforwardly—that Kes was likeliest to stick with Kiara or with Saff, that Saff and Watende would be avoiding each other or in conflict, that Dexter would be hanging out with Olathe and possibly with Sagara (if she wasn’t joining Kes and Saff for a discussion of the finer points of demon hunting), that Farren and Solada… well, you get the idea. That way, if one person moved, I could figure out who they’d likeliest gravitate to, and let Kiriko talk to whoever she wanted to talk to.

Then there were characters’ news and agendas: things I wanted to see if I could get discussed (and possibly have Kiriko weigh in on) in the process of the event, including a couple of things that were session topics in the original timeline that Kiriko hadn’t been involved in. So Saff and Kes were discussing trying to find someone to wargame with Saff (Kes ended up suggesting they try Ruby), Dexter gossiped a bit with Dicer and Drosha about the group’s first meeting with Olathe and her reaction to Shoren’s unfortunate slip of the tongue and then spent the rest of the time trying to help Olathe enjoy the party and keeping an eye on Kiara and her mental state, that sort of thing.

Fortunately, keeping with Kiriko’s perspective meant I didn’t have to have too many people actually talking at the same time; her ears are good, but not that good. At most, I had to deal with two conversations, usually one. It made it a lot easier.

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