Impractical Applications (Suggestions)

Apropos of none of this week’s posts….

I hit burnout again this week. It’s hardly surprising; it was a busy week to begin with, the company’s got me on inspirational overdrive, I’ve been mostly inventing my own jobs in the library, and I wrote game into a situation where I couldn’t keep track of all the players and nobody knew what was going on. This was a job for a hiatus. (Speaking of which, would anyone be interested in guest posting?)

But what that meant for game was a short-shot, and this time we kicked in a meta-idea we’ve been toying with for several games. The premise was simple: each person suggests one character trait to each of the other players. Theoretically, anyway.

Some of these suggestions were mechanical: I suggested to one to not play a support character (at which point we got into a debate over what that constituted) and she got me to play one with an emphasis on physical skills (not something I’m looking forward to). Others were more characterization-based—I got asked to play someone with a distinctive appearance, and suggested that that person play an obsessive hobbyist.

Some people might find this limiting, but I’m inclined to disagree. First, we made a point of pulling each other out of our comfort zones—okay, we didn’t entirely succeed with the most recent of our lot, but I think we did pretty well with the known quantities. Second, the suggestions provided springboards for the rest of our ideas… though it tended to work a whole lot better when the suggestions came before the ideas started coalescing.

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