The Generic Villain Takes a Holiday

Remember how I talked about holidays, and how sometimes they really are downright inimical to our work? It’s like that. The air’s all joyified, the Management’s off singing, the minions are plotting candy heists, and I can’t get anything done. Forget this, I’m going clubbing.

But never let it be said that I let my loyal readers down entirely. Tonight, I leave you with my familiar, Lilith, and one of her favorite ways of dealing with meddlesome heroes.

Give me your chocolate, mortals!

…correction: I will leave you with Lilith demonstrating why portable doomsday weapons are even more dangerous in the hands of your (or anyone’s) familiar. See you next week!


  1. Shinali says:

    D’aww, she’s so cute for an evil fluffball!

  2. KreenWarrior says:

    That is quite adorable.

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