Impractical Applications (In Dream)

This week, I talked about dream quests. I’ve written three in the time I’ve been gaming, only one of which is actually a quest, so to speak, but they’ve all made for interesting experiences.

The first of these was a Type 1.5 dream quest in the first story arc of my game, with the characters venturing into Kiara’s carefully designed defensive dreamscape. I was still getting the hang of writing dreams, so I didn’t really play too fast and loose with the physics; besides, this was the various lines of defense of a character who’d locked herself away in her own mind, so it would be reasonable that it’d be more difficult for outsiders to function in there. This one was, in essence, a combination of way to work around what might have been a plot hole otherwise and excuse to see just how much symbolism I could cram into one session.

The next was a Type 1 dream quest, and the only actual dream quest of the lot. I was playing Tuyet, and I’d made an agreement with my GM; I could rapidly buy up stats that we’d use for dreamshaping if I could write a “How I learned this stuff” story. (Yes, it was part of a crazy plan. How did you know?) So I formulated a mental journey story that involved one reference to a nonexistent fairy tale, one bit of fantastic architecture, several fancy stunts, a rather odd fight, and three or four fragments of her personality, not necessarily in that order.

The last I’ve referenced before, in terms of why I enjoy dream battles; it was a Type 1.5 in Jalil’s part of Nandin’s dreamscape, and it was a tad chaotic. By that time, I’d finalized how dream physics worked in my game, so I played with them heavily, including implementing a change in actual base mechanics I’d been toying with for a while (one which favored social and intellectual sorts of characters; appropriate for the host of the dreamscape) and letting people do a lot more shaping of their environment. It ended up involving a bit of walking through rather odd terrain, a reference to one of the first characters to leave the group, a four-way group split, and a whole lot of really bizarre fighting strategies. I didn’t have quite as much of a plan as I’d had with the first one, but it worked out anyway; I was particularly fond of the distance game-playing with Luath, and the political conversation with Geri and Kiara.

Conclusion? I think I like Type 1.5s. I definitely like playing fast and loose with the physics. Maybe I need to do another of these soon.

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