Convention Sketchbook Filler: Familiar Faces

As promised, sketches to pass the time while I’m off con-going! I couldn’t come up with a decent costume for myself, so I’m making up for it with some of my group’s RPG characters.

Can they really be the heroes? Today’s subjects are all, or at least all have at one point been, PC familiars. From left to right: Hollow the hamster, from my primary game (apparently trying to restrict himself to props he can create with his own powers); Lan the orchid mantis, from the current hiatus game; and Shizuyo the ferret, originally from one of my old games but now pulling NPC duty in my primary and solo games (and the only one in this set whose costume didn’t spring from an attempt to pun).


  1. Shinali says:

    After careful consideration, I do believe I must warn you all to be very afraid if you see a mantis in a dress with a mage staff… or really if you see a mantis wanting to wear a dress or carry a mage staff. Especially if they are impersonating the poster-child for Defeat Means Friendship!

    Obligatory Lan comments (why I decided she can write, I’ll never know): Picture is so pretty! I like the pinks and the flowy sleeves and the flowy skirt and the shiny bead on a stick! My favorite is the bows on my antennae! Is good size comparing, I am very little and ferrets are huge! Why does Hollow not eat his props?

  2. Ravyn says:


    Re Hollow: He already split the walnut, and let’s face it, the shell isn’t near as tasty, particularly not with paint on it.

    And yes, fear the mantis–though I’d be just as worried about the ferret who now seems poised to start riding meteors onto your head while cackling maniacally. I think the ego is about to reach critical mass, there.

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