Convention Sketchbook Filler: To Keep the Dead Down

More RPG characters in whatever costumes would hold still long enough—and this time, I go literary.

Olathe and Kiriko feature here as Sabriel and Mogget, respectively, from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy. Kiriko came into the picture first, as I hadn’t been able to fit her in with the other familiars and their costumes, and I’d gotten characters run by almost everyone else playing under me right now, but Olathe wasn’t part of the original plan. I’d been going to use Kiara, but ran into a problem that I’d first seen a while back—when drawing people in costume as fictional characters, you need to be able to show that you’re not just drawing the characters themselves, and aside from eye color Kiara could be a dead ringer for Sabriel. Along with providing a clearly contrasting hair color (though I still had to keep her usual hairstyle for extra contrast), Olathe was the next-most-obvious choice: personality-wise, she’s even a slightly better fit, given her obsessive interest in Doing Something About Dead Things. A new anti-undead weapon that one uses through performance? Sign her up!


  1. Kiriko says:

    Beautiful picture; the detail of Olathe’s costume is especially good, and I like the elegance of the overall appearance. Mainly for the benefit of your other readers, I should point out that my fur is not completely white like that (or is that part of the costume?) but more light grey with white streaks. Still, I’m deeply honoured to have a picture of me on your site :) and I am very interested to see what the next one will be….

  2. Ravyn says:

    Part of the costume, just like Hollow’s. Thanks, though!

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