Impractical Applications (PC Plot-Hinting)

I think I just began a story.

In one of my games, we’re rotating people who are functionally serving as GMs, or at least as hosts, as the characters we play run around between worlds. There really isn’t a metaplot; I’m not entirely sure there’s a plot, most of the time. Lot of getting intrigued by people and talking to them, though.

Our GM-of-the-arc decided to try to give us a plot-thing, and that’s where things get interesting. One of his NPCs, a career manipulator, hit one of the PCs (also his) with a tug on her main motivation hook—location of missing relative, revelation of a deceit that’s been pulled on the PC, clearly taking these powerful beings and pointing them at a source of trouble. Couple minor potential plot holes, but that’s to be expected in a round robin based on what was actually a slightly different game.

Of course, then we take into account the fact that the PC I’m playing was raised to manipulate people and has been quietly looking for a good opponent for a while. Her first response started by sticking to the script—she noted the opponent’s maneuvering, tsked a bit at how blatant it was—and then we started actually thinking about what was going on. What these things that might be plot holes meant. What it would have taken to make the deception that set off the plot hook work. That’s about the point where it got into what might have been paranoia on her part, but might just as well have been wishful thinking on mine—turning this one throwaway plot used to get us out of a dying conversation into what could later evolve into a long-running conspiracy plot against an opponent my character would consider if not an equal than at least a challenge, assuming the dialogue was treated as a hint.

I hope I began a story. That would be fun.

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