Ravyn Freewrites: Where My Pictures Come From

I started drawing again for myself(ish) a couple of weeks ago. It had been a while; for most of the summer, most of the drawing I’ve been doing has been weekly cartoon lizards for the library.

There were the costume sketches, of course, though those are rather like the lizards, done specifically because I had a prompt and because it was Duty. (Exploring the ramifications thereof—I’m avoiding that for now. Probably not a good idea until the summer reading program’s over and I have a weight or two off my shoulders.)

There was a silly little doodle, while waiting in line for an autograph at Comic-Con, of Kes and Kiara (Ravyn logic sez: Hm, one of their big points was their friendship, but I haven’t emphasized that in a while in either game, I’m bored and I have a sketchbook and pencil, let’s do this). Pencil-sketch, I’m not even entirely sure I got what I intended and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish. Can’t decide whether to color it or try shading like mad. Am I afraid of finished products now?

One of them came from a question one of my players asked, in answer to a question I’d asked him, about his suggestions for the use of an item the group had acquired a while back. It does pictures—so I was thinking in pictures—and after I’d toyed with a couple of more literal interpretations (not ready for that, too much in the background!), I decided to try for something that isn’t so much about name as about identity. I’ll post it at some point, probably when the game starts up again and I actually get to use it. It’s pretty trippy.

The other was what got me thinking, though: a sketch that I did the lineart for in about two hours or so while coordinating with one of my friends on an in-game Cunning Audacious Plan. A lot of my favorite sketch concepts come from people doing nifty-vivid-awesome-or-at-least-memorable things: the Hat-Topus, for instance, or that whole string from the one DFRPG game, or Through the Gate. There’s even one that I have hidden on my computer somewhere that was based on something that might very well not happen (yes, I know, planning scenes ahead, but cruds was it showy) and that I can’t really share with anyone because it’ll give the game away. But over the last four months or so, I haven’t really had those. My game’s stayed relatively close to its roots, my secondary game doesn’t lend itself to epic too well, the hiatus game is kids in over their heads who still haven’t figured out that their teachers aren’t practically omniscient…. and aside from that thing with the boar, we haven’t really been going too much for epic there. (And I’m not touching that one. Male-human-types give me headaches, and I don’t even want to think about drawing a boar.)

More of That. Wherever it is that That happens to be hiding.

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