Impractical Applications (Semi-Generics)

Earlier this week, I talked about semi-generic characters, ones repeatedly used as often as the [character of a certain type] slot will accommodate them. While I don’t have too many characters of this type—all right, unless you count the NPCs borrowed by enough of my groupmates for their games that they might as well be canonicals—I do have one group that’s shown up on seven different occasions over the course of four and a half games, only three of which I actually ran. (Yes, all of these were Exalted games.) The group in question? I call them the Generic Wyld Hunt: Echo the aloof taskmaster, Manzanita the Team Mom, Purity the Blazing Hero, Cascade who… serves as Purity’s common sense, mostly, and Zephyr who didn’t get very many scenes but became semi-important later.

I originally designed them for a game I’d been going to run but flubbed the living daylights out of the first session. The group was meant to avoid detection by them rather than fight them, and I’d even created resident archer Manzanita to have some common ground with the group’s archer if unaware of said archer’s true nature. That failed with the rest of the game.

Their second (and third) appearances were in the game I ran for my cousins, to try to get myself some GMing chops. The first time, the idea was to avoid them by hiding in a sympathetic local pseudo-noblewoman’s kitchen, the second Cascade and Purity got into a prize-fight with one of the PCs.

Then there was my primary game. Of the Generic Hunt’s three appearances, two were offstage (in one, Purity and Cascade showed up as throwaway characters when I ran a little side-thing removing one of the NPCs from the group, and in the other, they were the Hunt with which Luath’s sister was serving as an intern of sorts), and the third a run-in with the group in Nexus, which due to external factors ended up being more a talking session than a fight.

The last time they showed up was, well, last week. Remember how I mentioned helping out my GM by loaning him a couple of characters? The couple in question were Cascade and Purity, who provided excellent diversionary material for the other PCs (Purity responds quite satisfactorily to the discovery that there are demons in the dormitories at the school at which this game is set.)

One of the things I find most interesting about this lot is that they’ve only actually been in a fight twice, being natural enemies to the PCs of all but the last game notwithstanding, and only once against the PCs—the time when they ran into Luath, he was actually saving them from Zora as a favor for his (exceedingly confused) older sister Irayo, and their later appearance was just as much about trying to figure out where Irayo had gotten off to as anything (and somewhat curtailed by the fact that the group had ensured that hurting them would be Bad For Business). Instead, we get to play off of their tendencies; most of Cascade and Purity’s appearances have showcased their blatantly-apparent-to-everyone-but-they-themselves romantic tension (and Purity’s utter hero complex), Zephyr—well, I haven’t quite committed on whether he reciprocated Irayo’s crush on him, but he was concerned enough to get to play bad cop when he and Manzanita were trying to determine from one of the PCs where Irayo had gotten off to.

What can I say? They wear well.

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  1. Shinali says:

    Purity and Cascade were great! We expected some sort of overreaction (we needed one after all, and the Wyld Hunt isn’t especially known for asking questions *first*) but Purity was awesome. Kelki was able to play off her heroic nature by acting terrified, or getting the warden out of there by giving her an excuse to get away from Purity. And her lines were great, I don’t have logs handy but when Cascade was waving around the demon and pointing at it and yelling at people she reassured Kelki that he was a professional. She never seemed to catch on onscreen that we had antagonized the poor demons deliberately. Ah if only she knew who our real target really was, then Torr probably wold gave had to use that fire hose!
    All in all, two great sessions with two npcs I didn’t see coming (I read the Irayo intro logs but never experienced them beside that)

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