Impractical Applications (Ten Odd Sources of Wordcount)

To quote Seanan McGuire: “Ten things make a list. This is a list.”

Things that aren’t the actual text of my novel or definitely requested game-fluff that I’ve tried to wring wordcount out of during this month:

  1. Three character emotion exercises derived from a book, for the novel.
  2. One emotional landscape of the novel’s main character, derived from looking at one of the scenes in which she was stressed.
  3. A whole lot of planning for the novel (I think the bits where I freewrite my way through the plot, possible characters to add, motivations for those characters, even one set of names, probably takes up as many pages as the parts where I’m actually writing the story.
  4. One legend (for the game company)
  5. Various bits of editorializing regarding the mechanics of things I was fluffing, or sometimes the fluff of things I was fluffing—this didn’t take up much text.
  6. Various considerations for future iconic characters.
  7. Various considerations for the descent of languages given a pre-existing set of tongues and alphabets.
  8. Four completed posts.
  9. An unclear number of fractional posts.
  10. This post.

Technically, all of these do fit under my definition of things that advance the relevant projects. On the other hand… dang, I’m desperate.

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