Impractical Applications (The Final Tally)

I am, at least for a few months, done with writing to the numbers—and instead realizing I rather boxed myself in with this week’s post. So, the final count. In my fifty thousand words, I have:

  • Almost as much text in the form of notes on where this story is going to go eventually than I do actual story.
  • Half a dozen fantasy religions.
  • A letter to an artist.
  • A whole lot of future art direction, including a number of things inspired by fantasy art with enough biological improbability to throw me out of suspension of disbelief, and attempts to make those creatures make some amount of sense. (Plus cockatrice chicks doing Chick Things.) Done to avoid running out of existing prompts.
  • Loads of general fluff designs.
  • A couple of proto-monster designs.
  • Various writing exercises based on getting emotions across, set in original story.

Better quality content will return when I have energy again.

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