We Interrupt This Posting….

I hate writing personal posts. Personal opinions, not a problem; I certainly have plenty of those. But personal, this-is-my-life in more detail than just “They sent me home from work with Inspiration” today posts? Particularly when they’re admitting that what I’m doing just isn’t working, even for a short time.

That being said, I need to write one.

Life has gotten… interesting, in a word. Road trip halfway up the country for a cousin’s wedding is just the beginning of it. I get the feeling I’m not going to be in much of a position to post for a while now, nor even to come up with quirky little filler artwork—and grad school doesn’t even start for another month! There will be reruns in this site’s future, probably for the next week at least. If I haven’t gotten to a comment today, I probably won’t until Tuesday at the earliest; it’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s that I cannot predict the accessibility of my wi-fi.

And if anyone is interested in offering me a guest post—my email’s on the About page, I will link back to whatever site you choose, feel free to self-promote as long as you can do so discreetly, but other than that I can promise nothing more than heartfelt appreciation and possible scans of cartoon lizard drawings.

See you all whenever I see you!

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