Impractical Applications (The Transplanted Idea)

My gaming these days looks rather like a Venn diagram. You have the People Currently In the Friday Game, and the People Formerly In the Friday Game, one of whom is also a Person in the Wulin Game; you have the People in the D&D Game, one of whom is in none of the other groups; and then there’s the People Who Were in These Games Over Here, one of whom is… yeah. And then there’s the core group at this point, which is everyone currently in driving distance of each other and is or has at some point been involved in pretty much all of them. Lot of interconnectedness. Lot of room for cross-pollination. The core group is particularly fond of it; we’re the kind of people who will draw parallels to just about everything, like deriving glee from finding occasions on which the tactically superior option can be described as “poking undead things with sticks” (we all adored the Newsflesh trilogy), or describing a character with dubious morals ending up a hero as “The Tuyet effect”.

Which leads us to the current situation. When we’re in the D&D game, we tend to run OOC-snarky and very referential—particularly when it comes to the boxed text from the GM’s modules, since that’s something we can insult without it actually reflecting on him. There was an incident involving a torture chamber, and the boxed text mentioned something about an archaic style—which led to all of us trying to figure out what the difference was between an archaic style and the current style, and joking about torture chamber decorators…

…which led to the two in the core group who play in my game to start thinking about trying to bluff their way into their current objective by being there to redecorate the torture chamber…

…which worked for me since one of the main NPCs I had for that area had himself been inspired by a discussion that began with us laughing with a discussion of a typo (Zenith flair, to be exact), so… well, he had interior decoration for a hobby….

…so I encouraged this plan over the couple of weeks break between its formation and the relevant setting, even reminding them of it if they forgot, which kept them on and making contingencies for it….

…at least, until they got there and they ended up claiming to be mad undead monster hunters instead, so instead I had to get Strife Under Glassy Seas riled up about them being possibly poachers instead. And the decorating thing came through anyway, or at least his interest in it did.

And it was awesome.

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