Wednesdays—Er, Thursdays and Writing

The temperature is high, the schools are beginning to open wide their gates, and I have a scheduling announcement.

This week, I began grad school in earnest, working on my Master’s in Library and Information Science. It looks like it’s going to be fun, except for one little problem: Wednesday nights. Suffice it to say that I have a rather long time block I have to set aside either Wednesday nights or Thursday nights, and since the reason Thursday night was the first night I dropped on this blog is still a weekly thing, Wednesday is the only night I can do it, and therefore Not a Good Article Night. But I don’t want to slow the schedule too much, so, unless my second class manages to completely flatten those parts of me that the first class hasn’t already tried to trample, I’m instituting a workaround.

On Wednesday nights, I’m going to do and post a writing exercise. Some are going to be exercises from earlier posts on this board; some are going to be something else. You’re invited to respond, or to do the exercise yourself and see what comes out; I’m sure we can at least have some fun here.

Stay tuned!

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