Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Kes’s Workspace

For tonight’s (first ever!) Wednesday Night Writing Exercise, I went way back to one of my early 2009 posts, “What’s In Your Workspace”–looking at a character’s role and approach to life by seeing how she decorates the space in which she works. I only have one this week; I was planning on writing a few more, but there was an incident with an identity thief, and… well, life has been being life. Either way, enjoy–and feel free to share your own!

Kes doesn’t keep much in her workspace–it’s rare enough that people find her there. The desk is mostly bare, save for a wire frame that serves as outgoing paperwork but is likelier just to contain a few pieces of shed hair or scales from the local messengers, and a row of thick books on demons and how to fight them, bristling with red silk bookmarks. Its single chair boasts one cushion, its top slit and its seams straining against the broken feathers within; not far away sits a box containing more such feathers, and next to it a set of tools and supplies for fletching, and a collection of spare bowstrings.

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