Impractical Applications (Big, Powerful, Absent)

I talked earlier this week about reasons why the Big and Powerful character isn’t the one running around saving the world. This happens a lot in my game; both the setting and my own approach to things result in the world being full of the Obligatory Bigger Fish who for various reasons aren’t involved in the world-saving in more than a support capacity.

Sometimes I justify that through a filled schedule. The Bigger Fish are busy. One of my primary plotlines has involved a large number of Antagonistic Powerful Things doing the giants-in-a-playground thing in as inconvenient places as they can manage, so most of my Bigger Fish are likely to be playing whack-a-mole with that—figuring out where’s likely to happen next and what to do about it, planning counterstrikes, that sort of thing.

Sometimes it’s just that my group is specialized to what they do (particularly when Geri and his Sword of Unmaking Things and Singing Off-Key With Itself are concerned). This is often how some of the NPCs closest to the group’s level are given excuses to be somewhere else; they’re very good at what they do, but what they do a lot of the time isn’t stabbing things that don’t seem to have gotten the hang of that whole dying thing.

One of the Bigger Fish, of course, is playing with the whole “actually behind it”–or at least, “behind a large part of it”–concept. Solace still hasn’t been identified, is still running around wreaking her own brand of usually understated havoc, and still has A Plan.

There are some times when it just wouldn’t occur to them that they’ve want one of the Bigger Fish covering their backs—or, very rarely, when they were planning on doing something of which said Bigger Fish might not approve and the plan… changed. Plans are good at that—their plans are extremely good at that.

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