Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: More Varied Images

Still using the same characteristic images prompt I was using for a cross-timeline character study last week, but this time branching out into a few of my other characters. You might not get much of an image of their physical appearances, but I hope their personalities at least come through!

Amaya: The scene actually doesn’t seem to have much to do with her at all. Most of the characters are at dinner, arranged in whatever way they’re usually arranged, it’s clearly been an interesting conversation, except that everyone’s looking with some degree of surprise at one chair. Amaya’s sitting in it, with her book open and propped against the edge of the table, a hand raised as if she’s just said something. Shizuyo is on her shoulder and looks smug.

Saff: She’s leaning over the sandtable with Kes and Ruby, hooking one of the pieces with her axe and dragging it to a new position; Kes she’s giving a conspiratorial elbow, Ruby her slightly-divided attention. Her garb has minor bloodstains, the color slightly too blueshifted or greenshifted for most of it to be hers, and she’s favoring one arm and has a nasty cut down her jawbone that looks like it’s only just knitted together, but she’s still laughing it up.

Sirocco: It’s not clear what she’s perching on. It doesn’t matter what she’s perching on, really, though the fact that she’s doing so on one foot (probably due to not having room for both feet) might be somewhat notable. Swirls of sand sweep around her, toying with trailing fringes of her garb; orbs of precious stone roll in constant motion across and between her hands; her grin indicates that she is up to something.

Hoyt: He leans his back against a wall, his coat flaring out behind him–possibly hiding, possibly trying to catch his breath, possibly just too jelly-legged to stand normally. A piece of blue crystal dangles on a chain from his right hand, forgotten now; his expression is half exultation and half surprise, a clear “That actually worked! …let’s do it again!”

Carlotta: She walks through a forest in sunlight, without disturbing the fallen leaves–the light that shines through the treetops above seems to shine through her as well, emphasizing the white of her hair and the translucence of the skin at the back of her hands. She is unaware of this, of course–she’s far more interested in the extremely rare but otherwise highly mundane bird singing its heart out on a branch above her.

And, for those who prefer characters of the four-footed persuasion:

Chiko: A view from above. Chiko is in the air, flying loop-de-loops, his gliding flaps billowing. His clear delight in flying is counterindicated only by the direction of his eyes, a backward, downward glance. Just inside the image area, barely in focus, is something very large and very shadowy. At the center of the area outlined by Chiko’s flight is a woman who seems entertained, if not downright entranced, by Chiko’s maneuvers. And somewhere in the corner, Chiko’s favorite perch is stifling a chuckle.

Shizuyo: The picture is filled with color–paper lanterns, fireflies, the dying trails of fireworks. The picture is filled with people, mostly the main characters, as distinctive as ever and making a decent effort to dress to the occasion. And then there’s Shizuyo, sitting on Amaya’s shoulder under a red feather a foot long and in a black vest decorated with intertwined circles of gold. In this scene, she has outdressed everyone, particularly her perch, and she knows it. (Amaya is mildly amused.)

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