Guest Imprac: I’m So Doomed

This post is courtesy of Shinali, reporting on our current plot issue in my primary game–yes, the one with the unexpectedly snarky arc antagonist. We’re still in the midst of the fight, for reasons chronological, psychological and mechanical, and I’ll probably be discussing more of it week after next (since next week I’m going to be a little distracted with convention volunteering).

So, I’m the new girl in a group of people who have been playing the same game for something like 5 years. Even a year or so into it, I don’t exactly understand mechanics, and I struggle to do them on the fly. Every time I manage to feel comfortable with combat, I then feel completely out of my element the next time.

This wouldn’t be so bad, especially as my character has the experience level of having traveled all over Creation hunting the most evil things she can find (even though that’s not how she got the XP or the stats). I can pretty much put her against a relatively even opponent and without using charms, just fancy hand-to-hand stunts; the dice keep her on their level. However, power doesn’t do you much good when you can’t effectively use it, and while my fellow players and the GM are incredibly helpful, I can’t rely on them every time.

Samar is the party healer/crafter/sorcerer/academic. She is not a fighter. She’s got some superb martial arts skills, but I picked a bad magical martial art for the character and usually rely on real world versions (mostly aikido, which is defensive). She could dodge a hurricane while standing in the middle of it. That’s probably the only reason she’s still alive. Well, that and the blessings of the authors who gave my character type special emergency damage soaking powers.

So we decided to go kill a Deathlord. They are powerful, ancient, evil, and not only know every trick in the book, they wrote the book, and left most of their tricks out. We’ve been up against them before. One was very social and it was all social posturing and such. We failed at our cover story, but still sort of got what we wanted. The other time we bribed them and left.

I had a plan. Hide in the indestructible Hat and lob grenades out the opening at our opponent(s). Then, a couple weeks back the other players decided that hiding in the Hat would break the game and shouldn’t be allowed. I tried to explain my reasoning to no avail. My only plan, the one I had been mapping out for weeks and discussed with the GM was tabled. I did get to hide the NPC necromancer in the Hat. At least I don’t have to worry about her.

Well, I at least could rely on my numbers, right? We were just in another battle, and I had used sorcery, so my available motes for charms and spells was cut basically in half, and charms and spells for my sort of character are expensive. So basically I can use charms to dodge and that special soak thing to not die if I get hit.

I have a magical healing gem, that so long as it is in my possession I can’t die. No sooner does the GM remind me of that, then the party tank says we should pass it around during the fight. Let’s see, we have the guy with the indestructible Hat (admittedly he’s pretty squishy otherwise), two party tanks (one good, one nominally his evil opposite, but she’s not evil), and a chosen warrior of the war god herself. I did pitch a fit at playing hacky sack with the healing stone, and with the GM’s help, and that of one of the other players after I got his attention, I won that battle.

The question is, can I survive this one?

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