Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Another Silent Conversation

As with last week, I’m going to pull out a wordless conversation. I did this one off of a request, in hopes of showing some wordless conversations that weren’t, as last week’s was, technically altercations–though I have to admit, Kes and Saff’s posturing does have a few similarities with a full-on conflict. What else can you expect from two people for whom conflict is a job description? I had some fun comparing the two, though; on the one hand, you have last week’s social monsters trying to argue without it looking like an argument, and on the other, you have this week’s war buddies challenging each other in complete (if somewhat posturing-laden) amity.

They run into each other not too far from the practice arena–Kes coming from a post-mortem on the last demon battle, Saff from the tents with the sand tables. Saff makes the first move, grinning and tilting her head towards the tables; Kes stretches out a hand in invitation to continue. Their conversation as they walk is full of gesticulation, and the occasional strong pat on the back or light elbow to the ribs, until they reach the floors themselves. Saff leans her axe on the wall and hangs her coat over it, grinning over her shoulder at Kes and making a slight beckoning motion; Kes laughs as she lets her bow drop from across her back to over her elbow, then swings it around and to its own position on the wall and strides into the training ground, with one challenging look over her shoulder. Saff steps in, they exchange the customary bows–or at least, the irreverent younger siblings of the customary bows–and their bout begins.

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