A Status Update

I really, really wish I didn’t write so many short little posts that end up as “Here’s this week’s complication, here’s why the posts are a little different”; it’s slightly embarrassing having to admit to weakness, and sometimes feels like I’m being lazy while trying to pretend to keep a schedule. On the other hand, I’m going out of state tomorrow, I have the prelims for a paper due on Saturday, and I think the situation justifies it.

So here’s the scoop. For a week, starting this Wednesday, I’m on vacation. Instead of my usual riffs, we will have a sequence of guest posts by our very own UZ, starting Wednesday night/Thursday morning—and in fact, as UZ has been so generous with said posts, they will be filling days that I usually or sometimes leave postless. I will most likely return for a post either Wednesday night/Thursday morning of next week, or failing that the usual Friday night Imprac; until then, though, I really won’t be available for comment. When I get back, things should return to something approximating normal, plus or minus references to nifty rock formations, big plants and small birds—or possibly to the Doctrine of First Sale and Jesse Shera’s definition of a librarian.

See you in a week, and enjoy the show!

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