Articles from October 2012

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Yet Another Silent Conversation

Still on the silent conversations as my writing exercise of choice, mainly because there are so many interesting directions they can go in!
This one was technically prompted–except that I missed the prompt a bit. I’d been asked for a conversation where something distracting is going on in the background, using Devin and Natesa. In the [...]

Why I Love Culture as Character

Yesterday, I talked about the idea of culture as character. To say that I’m a fan is a bit of an understatement—one of the things I was thinking, while sitting through the panel that set off yesterday’s riff, was that I keep trying to angle for an RPG of manners. It’s not just one appealing [...]

Culture as a Character

When I was volunteering at Conjecture, there was one panel that I had decided the moment I saw the schedule that I was going to see. I would carefully schedule my break, I would barter time with the other volunteers—but I was going to go to that piece on Fantasy/SF of Manners and Culture as [...]

Impractical Applications (The Fight Which…)

You’d think this fight would be energy-in.
It’s a culminator—maybe not of a full plotline, but at the very least of a good large bit of effort. It’s been giving me not only topics but even a guest post from one of my players. It’s got somewhat hazy laws of physics, and people doing absolutely brilliant [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Another Silent Conversation

As with last week, I’m going to pull out a wordless conversation. I did this one off of a request, in hopes of showing some wordless conversations that weren’t, as last week’s was, technically altercations–though I have to admit, Kes and Saff’s posturing does have a few similarities with a full-on conflict. What else can [...]

Musings of a Terrier PC

Game today included an Incident. I’ll grant, Incidents are pretty common in this particular game. We are, after all, the kind of people who will infiltrate a black market weapons convention, as vendors, with a mess of stockpiled items that would all make excellent weapons for the cause of world domination if they didn’t have [...]

No, Not Dead!

I’ve been gone for a few days; I’m not even going to pretend I haven’t this time. This weekend was my first, and possibly only, foray into volunteering at a convention: I was in charge of children’s programming at Conjecture in San Diego. It was, shall we say, an experience. They hadn’t warned me that [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Silent Conversation

For this week’s exercise, I decided to try my hand at a wordless conversation; it’s been a while. Though the exercise was my idea, the characters I used were a prompt from someone else, and it got a bit odd. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to understand how Dexter and Rukan , of all [...]

Writing Dialect Without Going Overboard

One of the things I like seeing in a work in which most of the characters are coming from different places is an understanding that they’re going to have somewhat different dialects. That’s awesome; it makes it clear to me that the author/GM knows that people sound different, and can fake the distinctive features of [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: Life with a Code

I have something of a code as a GM.
Even if I don’t have something ready, even if I’m not in the mood, if I’m scheduled to run, I run anyway, or at least I try. Some of my best sessions (at least, judging from the reactions of my players) have been when I was winging [...]