Impractical Applications (Scattered Reflections)

Wow. UZ’s been busy.

I admit, this set of posts was hard to write to, mainly because aside from a burst of inspiration today, I haven’t written much in the last several months that wasn’t either part of a game or something for this blog, and these posts seem to invite writing examples rather than RP examples. It was interesting, though, looking at how my group seems to work with some of the techniques shown. For instance:

Misapprehensions. I’m a sucker for opportunities to exploit the group’s logical misapprehensions, and (particularly when running intelligent opponents) then lampshade the whole thing. There was the time I’d set up a plotline such that instead of being the culprit, my former Big Bad’s soul remnant was the best witness the group could find—and then there was the group’s first meeting with Forged in Malice, her letting them through the defenses so she wouldn’t have to fix as much delicate equipment later, and then the lampshading when they took the more destructive routes anyway figuring it was a trap.

Little tiny unnerving details. That one, I admit, is a bit of a sticky point for me; we go slowly enough, and people tend to be tired enough (I blame the closing shift) that it’s a lot harder to sneak in the really little wrongnesses than it used to be. Maybe if there was time for sidechatting again.

Dressing things up or skirting around them… oh, man. With this group, even skirting around the potentially troublesome issues is going to tend to involve a lampshade or two somewhere along the way; most of us are inquisitive enough (and prone enough to finding holes in things) that if something’s wrong with this picture, we’ll find it. If dealing with us, the safest option to take is the third one: admit that the situation doesn’t make sense. That way, we start trying to find justifications instead; it’s pretty cool when it works.

Broken Bridges: we avoid that most of the time, thank goodness. Not entirely, though; I’ve seen a number of occasions on which the answer to the one question whoever was running forgot about was the one thing that one of the players was particularly determined to get. (And yeah, I’ve been that player a lot. That GM less.)

The rest? I hope I’m not overdwelling on my characters. It’s hard to tell, sometimes, with some of the more prevalent NPCs, particularly the ones whose heads I feel the most comfortable in.

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    Thank you for the chance to put some writing out there! Next time I will try to be a little more concise :)

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