Things I Learned Tonight

Why I am varying from my usual Wednesday approach will be self-evident by the time you reach the end of this post.

I really should know by now that if the people around me are wigging out about the probable weather on a day when there will be a lot of recruits’ families on base, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be a take-shelter-level storm. This is San Diego. We freak out over rain here. At worst, I might need—gasp—an umbrella. (I don’t usually carry umbrellas; it’s a combination of Northwest-resident pride and a bizarre sort of solidarity that comes from the fact that Marines aren’t permitted to carry umbrellas while in uniform. That and, for reasons probably having to do with the above, I have no idea where mine is.)

Coding MARC records that have four-level subject headings is interesting. Logic would imply that you start by marking the components |z and keep going backwards through the alphabet from there. Then again, logic tends to take several hours to notice that by that logic, there really should have been a |y in there a lot earlier. Apparently |z is location and |x is pretty much everything else, and the confusing factor was just that the first three went |z |z |x. I understand a lot more now. Go me.

Tomato allergies are blasted scary. Tomato allergies that trigger on the kinds of trace levels of allergen caused by cross-contamination are enough to make one swear off taking friends to buffets. (Come to think of it, epi-pens are bigger than I thought they were.) And I think I like directing emergency vehicles to an address a lot better when I know what the address is beforehand.

Video gaming with other people’s kids when everyone used to be good at the game but probably isn’t anymore? Fun stuff. Particularly when they start making a competition out of failing rather than succeeding.

Everything can be interpreted as “another adventure” when it all turns out all right.

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  1. UZ says:

    Is that something like \everything is a form of training if you do it right\? :)

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