Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Short and to the Point

This week’s exercise is based on my old “In As Few Words….” exercise, creating a description of an image with as few words as possible. (Given the theme of brevity, I’ve elected to do just one.)

My prompt is this.

Image by klangkult on stock.xchng

Lit from above, the cluster of mushrooms appears like a photo negative; their tops are absences of light on ghostly stems, their outlines are light, and the darkest thing of all is one insect breaking a mushroom’s top.

Or possibly “There are white-stemmed, dark-topped mushrooms in the darkness.”

Or even shorter: “Since when did mushroom stems glow in the dark?”


  1. Mushrooms, like sea anemones, drift through shadows.

  2. UZ says:

    The bells of flesh ring in the morning with absolute silence.

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