Articles from January 2013

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Conclusions, Round 2

Tonight’s exercise is another round of conclusions with my boyfriend providing the prompts: it worked pretty well last time. This time wasn’t quite so successful, but we’ve got a few decent ones.
Him: “Amaya isn’t sneaking around.”
Me: “The group is being hosted by someone even more paranoid than she is.”
(It’s not that Amaya sneaks on purpose. [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: Dear Spammer….

Oh, how sweet! How did you know I used to love trying to make sense of non-English writing systems? And actually using ones I’m familiar with instead of always defaulting to Russian? Made my day.
You seem very determined to sell people boots. You know, back when I was on the old network, we had long [...]

The Cuckoo Protagonist

I don’t mind important secondary characters. Nor decoy protagonists who relinquish the mantle of main character to someone else later because to reveal the real protagonist early on would give the most important twists away. The characters I’m dealing with tonight aren’t those. Instead, they’re the ones who by all sources aren’t the main character(s), [...]

The Generic Villain vs. the Evil Overlord List: Items 11-17

The Generic Villain continues a point-by-point facedown and update of that reference material of all baddies with imperial ambitions, The Evil Overlord List.
11. Be secure enough in superiority not to taunt enemies with riddle-clues or leave them alive to show they pose no threat. Really, I can’t argue with this—though I would like to [...]

Impractical Applications (Lamora Tempted)

Temptation plots, as you might have gathered from Sunday and Monday nights’ posts, are some of my favorite plots as a player. Taking that into account, it came as a bit of a surprise to me that aside from skirting about the edges in a few Generic Villain posts, I’d never actually gotten around to [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Tense Bout of Tea

This week’s I’ll base on one of my more recent (as in, posted only last year) writing exercises, giving a picture of a social dynamic between two characters through a characteristic picture of the time they’d spend together (together being at best a relative term). When I went fishing for prompts, I ended up with [...]

Executing Temptation

I talked yesterday about what makes a temptation plot interesting—but while it went into the theory and the meta-game rewards, it didn’t talk near enough about the execution. So let’s talk about what you need to think about when you’re putting together a temptation plot.
The first thing to keep in mind with temptation plots is [...]

The Joys of Temptation

We’re all familiar with the temptation plot—the offer of something important to a character in exchange for some often minor-sounding price—do something she wasn’t supposed to/didn’t want to do, don’t do something she was supposed to/did want to, stand aside for just five minutes at the right time…. yeah. Those. The ones where, regardless of [...]

Impractical Applications (No, We’re Not Always Ready)

Sometimes, it takes more guts not to go than to go.
A friend of mine was supposed to run game today; yes, the one whose game has shaped my last two writing exercises. We showed up online today, ready and waiting, and were greeted by what was basically “Sorry, things have happened, I can’t run today”, [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Questions About My Current Character, Part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s answers to “IC questions I really need to ask my next player”.
Is there anything that’s practically guaranteed to get a deep-seated emotional reaction out of you? If so, what? Heh. If my last-but-two intervention is anything to go by, it’s when people are so focused on what they’re [...]