Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Questions About My Current Character

This one was inspired by a combination of two things: my old “IC questions I really need to ask my next player” riff, and the fact that one of my players is running a hiatus game for me right now, and having a bit more sense of the character I’m flinging around probably wouldn’t hurt her. The game is in Exalted, first edition; the character, Karasu, is a fledgling Sidereal whom I’ve never gotten to play long enough to feel like I’ve used him properly (so most of my character building is going to reference the storyline-and-three-quarters when I actually got to play him, and there will be holes in it). So, the first part of the questions, as I can answer them.

Who or what do you fear most? Still working on that one. Everyone and their familiar seems to be trying to put the fear of Them into me these days. I’ll let you know when one of them wins.

Who or what do you most value? My familiar, Kraehe, and the common sense she reminds me to bring.

What sorts of things make you happy? Recognition for a job well done. Starlit skies under which to go exploring.

If you had one day to just step outside the storyline and do something to unwind, what would it be? Good question. Technically the current storyline is an attempt to unwi—all right, who’m I trying to fool, it’s a forced vacation after the attempt to convince a guy that attaining godhood was too complicated and tedious failed. How was I supposed to know he’d actually agree to all the paperwork? Anyway, probably just start a prank war with a few peers. In an area that is not generally frequented by easily offended war gods.

Who are your three favorite people? Define “person”. If destiny-bonded crows don’t count, my favorite would probably be my head-of-office, Shain: he was an amazing teacher when I was still young and clueless, and I want to prove myself to him and maybe be chosen as his successor and the inheritor of his particularly secret techniques. The others… it’s a tough choice. I’ll pass on this one for now.

Your three least favorite? That’s in flux right now; I imagine it’s going to be affected by where the disciplinary motions from That God Incident end up going. Speaking of God Incidents, a certain war god who can’t take a joke that wasn’t even aimed at him and who really shouldn’t be able to sneak as well as he does. And I admit, I’m still a bit ticked at Satea for deciding that a seemingly random killing of high spiritual impact in a city whose head we were supposed to be investigating ‘probably wasn’t relevant’. Distraction. Hah.

You’re in a sticky situation. Would you rather talk, think or fight your way out? Think or talk. Probably both; despite what some people say, I do generally think before talking.

If you had a chance to revise one event in your life, would you take it? What event would it be? That’s a good question. I am the sum of my experiences, and a lot of them are tending to make things better for me rather than worse, even if I rather wished I hadn’t been me at the time. On the other hand, if I could turn back that one time in the bar to be telling a joke about something else—anything else—then I could have avoided a whole lot of loss of dignity without any silver lining whatsoever….


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    What is your favourite game, and why?

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