Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Questions About My Current Character, Part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s answers to “IC questions I really need to ask my next player”.

Is there anything that’s practically guaranteed to get a deep-seated emotional reaction out of you? If so, what? Heh. If my last-but-two intervention is anything to go by, it’s when people are so focused on what they’re supposed to do that anything outside their narrow little expectations is considered a distraction rather than potentially relevant. Particularly if there are clear signs it’s relevant, like it being, you know, a dead body pinned above a major gate in a city in which strange things are already happening, in a way that screams out necromantic ritual… It’s the supposedly irrelevant things that always make our lives the worst, individually and organizationally, unless we deal with them when we become aware of them, and the idea that anyone could be stupid enough not to learn from all the times it’s already happened….


Okay, moving on.

What sorts of rewards are you looking for from life? Something better than a pat on the back and “here’s another job”, let’s put it that way. I don’t talk about it much, partly because it sounds like a pipe dream and partly because I worry that actually wanting it might put me lower on the list, but my head-of-office has a secret style, one he’s taught to nobody whatsoever—and he’s getting old, and looking for a successor, so… yeah. Anything I can do that would increase the odds that I impress him enough that he chooses me—who needs a stick? That carrot is mine.

Why are you doing this? What would make you stop? …okay, assuming we’re talking about this thing with the mantises, because the Powers That Be told me to. And the Powers That Be told me to because they didn’t like how I peacefully resolved the last incident. (…I mean, come on, they don’t have to make a god out of the guy, they could probably stall for ages nitpicking his paperwork, why are they down on me for it?) As for what would make me stop… well. This job has been easy so far, which means that I lose a lot of face if I leave of my own accord. Now, if someone who ranked me were to order me into a higher-priority job, that’s another matter entirely.

Is there a choice you never, ever, ever want to make? What, are you going to stick it in front of me? …honestly, I don’t know. Probably something melodramatic like between my familiar’s survival and the respect of my head-of-office… or either of those versus the fate of the world, though Shain’s patient enough that I think once the world was saved I could probably explain myself, so yeah, let’s stick with the original melodramatic choice.

What’s your initial reaction to being asked all these questions? I think mostly, “Oh, great, is this going to go on my permanent record?” Though let the record state that I consider this an unfair question. Particularly if all this is going to go on my permanent record.

Is there something you want to ask me? Sure. What in blazes are you doing that makes me want to answer all these questions honestly? I mean, I’m as blunt as anyone—moreso than most of the organization—but this doesn’t seem right at all.

And for UZ, asking last week about favorite games: Probably the Sport Which. I like the strategy that comes from everyone making up rules, and I enjoy trying to figure out what Farren’s testing us on when she chooses rules in a mostly-juniors game. And, those very few times I pull it off, beating someone as much more experienced than me as she is.

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