Impractical Applications (No, We’re Not Always Ready)

Sometimes, it takes more guts not to go than to go.

A friend of mine was supposed to run game today; yes, the one whose game has shaped my last two writing exercises. We showed up online today, ready and waiting, and were greeted by what was basically “Sorry, things have happened, I can’t run today”, only with much more apology.

Honestly, it was probably the best call she could have made. We asked questions, came up with some things that it would be useful to know for next week, chatted on other matters. These things happen. The rest of us had fun just fine (freezing computer, discussions of psionics with third parties, more-than-quick peeks at class reading, and outside plans to bring card games for stuff after tomorrow’s game session ensued).

Yes, it’s nice being able to stick to a schedule perfectly, but when you can’t, you can’t—and if people can’t understand the concept of extenuating circumstances, and the circs really are extenuating, that says more about them as audience than about you as creator.

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