Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Conclusions, Round 2

Tonight’s exercise is another round of conclusions with my boyfriend providing the prompts: it worked pretty well last time. This time wasn’t quite so successful, but we’ve got a few decent ones.

Him: “Amaya isn’t sneaking around.”

Me: “The group is being hosted by someone even more paranoid than she is.”

(It’s not that Amaya sneaks on purpose. Part of it is habit, part of it is magic items that make her absurdly stealthy even when she isn’t trying to be. On the other hand, if her host were a VIP with justified (or even not necessarily justified) tendencies toward suspicion, she’d be actively trying to stay visible—possibly to the point of unnecessary motions just to make sure the “stealth when holding still” armor feature doesn’t kick in.)

Him: “Kes and Mandible are arguing.”

Me: “Kes slipped and referred to multiple sources of healing during her battle-banter with the last demon.”

(Just because the healer-demon-bug rather likes Kestrel doesn’t mean he wants his former peers to know that he’s her familiar!)

Him: “Shizuyo is going to a party—and NOT dressing better than Amaya.”

Me: They’re undercover, and Shizuyo’s pretending not to be the sapient, egotistical and clearly magical ferret we all know and love. What Amaya hopes to get out of this cannot be derived from the existing information.

(Shizuyo may have an enormous ego for a ferret, but the job comes first. Always.)

Him: Kiara walks straight home and flops down on the couch.

Me: Really long workday.

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