Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Boom!

This one wasn’t inspired by any of my previous exercises, but by a simple question: how would certain of my characters respond to the sound of an unexpected explosion somewhere out of sight?

Ruby investigates immediately. If it does turn into a fight, she can handle it, and if it doesn’t, it’s a Cool Thing to tell everyone else about.
Tuyet probably was the mysterious boom. If she wasn’t, she’s likely to be off to have Words with whatever was.
Amaya sneaks up on the boom. Nobody can tell she’s investigating it until she’s finished–whether that means sharing her conclusions or the Antagonistic Creature that started it dropping to its knees with a pincushion of throwing knives in its back.
Over in another universe, Lamora rolls her eyes, mutters something about the bleeding Far Realms messing with her plans again, and gets her teammates to go first investigating the boom. it’s probably constructs or headticks again. It’s always constructs and headticks.
Hieu wonders which of his cousins is practicing sorcery and what Grandmother’s going to do to them. Or, if he’s at school, whether the boar’s been at the observatory again.
Rukan decides it’s someone else’s problem…. unless she also hears screaming. Then she calls in some backup and heads over there.
Dexter saunters in the sound’s general direction making joking predictions about what it might be–at least, until he gets some idea what it actually is. Seriousness modulates accordingly.

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