Impractical Applications (Taking the Plunge)

A couple of weeks ago, I did something I haven’t attempted to do since college: I started to run a face to face game.

(No really, it has been that long. This is my third attempt at a face to face. My first was with my cousins, and succeeded, probably because it was with my cousins. My second was not, and didn’t. I’d play face to face, but I refused to run by anything but chat for the longest time.)

It was different. Very, very different.

I vaguely remember what I said. I should have been taking more notes, though; all I have is a little bit of scrawled information, mostly on the players’ builds. Not being able to just consult the logs isn’t something I’m unfamiliar with, per se—two live games a week at one point helps—but it’s not something I’ve had to deal with when running a game before. On the other hand, I know it’s an issue, so I still take better notes than most of my fellows do, no matter which side of the screen I’m on. Compensation isn’t always a bad thing.

What I mostly remember was the awkward. It was the opening scene of a big dramatic long-runner involving a cataclysm. I’d written it up somewhere, on a lined pad during a very slow day at work, then promptly gone and misplaced it somewhere else. I’m not sure which made the exposition more awkward—the fact that it was a whole lot of physical description to begin with (not usually a problem for me, but usually I’m typing,and much less aware of how long everything takes); the fact that it was me talking, and I have a tendency to begin a sentence and lose track of where it was actually going before I finish it if it isn’t in black (or whatever) and white in front of me; the fact that it was a first time for the world and a first time for this particular arrangement—either way, I thought it sounded silly, and sillier and sillier every minute. I’m told it didn’t, but hindsight doesn’t apply when you’re sitting there trying to remember if you already discussed the peculiar purple color of the particularly unnatural clouds.

We got to the end somehow. Apparently it was good. Same time next week….

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