Impractical Applications (Musings)

There hasn’t been much to say about my gaming this week—not that there hasn’t been one, just that it hasn’t had anything particularly egregious, and the week’s post were more about writing anyway.

The one thing that’s been going on is a personal project. I’m on one of those writing kicks again, as you’ve probably figured out from my last writing exercise. This one’s an odd story—real-world, which plays into a lot of my mental blocks, but with enough of a fantasy tinge to keep me going. Large cast of main characters, all technically borrowed with modifications from an earlier project. An exploration of parallel universes that began by thinking about alter ego metaphysics and took on a life of its own. The only thing I’ve ever written that was inspired by the concept of fanfiction but not the stuff itself.

The writing itself has been a challenge as well. For the first few days, I was going vaguely sequentially, but right now I’m choosing and writing portions just to try to figure out what kind of story I’m telling, so I jump from setup to fight scenes to character interaction to whatever else happens to be handy. This one is going to require a ton of revision if I plan on actually publishing it for anything—and given that the concept is “college students moonlighting as magical girls in a parallel world which itself springs from and is shaped by the collective imagination of the United States”, I really have to wonder what kind of publisher would want anything to do with it. It’s fun, though, and that’s all that matters.

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