Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Also Readied

I got the idea for this one thinking about the kinds of compare-contrast that could go on between two parallel invocations of a You Don’t Say! Exercise. This one is a parallel to the one two weeks ago—there was a time when it was pretty reliable whom Kes was going on missions with, and let’s just say their levels of enthusiasm for fighting demons did not generally match up.

She’s taken home a full shelf from the library. Intervention-related necessity, according to the paperwork, which was of course turned in within hours of the job being assigned. They’re all the “How do you fight this thing?” grimoires. Spell theory, it appears, can wait.

Speaking of paperwork, hers is done, or as done as anyone in this hamster-wheel of an organization can ever manage. Those things that have deadlines are ahead. Those things that require maintenance are now bundled with a careful list of contingencies unto the fifth delegation for who handles the assignments should she not return. (Some of her supervisors are wondering how she managed to find five tiers of qualified replacements over whom she had seniority.) Several people have noted preemptive suggestions for someone else who might be able to handle projects it is even remotely plausible could get assigned to her within the next three weeks.

Her budget this week has gone to throwing knives, silk, ink and food; she allots an hour a day to fighting practice, mostly defensive, and another half hour a day to leisure reading—or possibly meditating on a book she memorized the first time she read it.

Kiara drew the short straw, and is getting ready for a demon hunt.

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