…okay, this isn’t working.

I’ve been at this blog five years (technically, my blog-day was while I was out of state). I can’t say I’ve been perfect about my deadlines; I’ve definitely schedule-slipped. But I’ve been pretty close.

Problem is, at the moment it’s next to impossible to find new ideas. Feels like I’ve done everything already, and most of the suggestions I get from the people I ask for advice tend to result in a shamefaced “I think I might’ve done that already…” and in at least a few cases “…twice.” The average post has been taking three hours, first point of “Hey, I need to write” to final posting.

So I am going to—gasp—actually take a break. I will not be updating in the month of July. Not even reruns. I’ll return, hopefully refreshed and rested, in August.

See you then!

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  1. UZ says:

    It is now that I realize that my blogroll only has one blog on it :S

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