Impractical Applications: This Week’s Teachable Moments

…since this week really hasn’t been much good for tying in with the articles, a few interesting tidbits.

One: when planning for a group to infiltrate a party, it is always good to have an option by which they can go in the front door.

Two: if you have two proficient sneakers, and one is the center of attention, she will probably not cede this to go join the other in, well, sneaking. Distractions provide useful sneaking aids too, and if you’re ditching people who want to engage in conversation they tend to wonder where you’re going.

Three: Having taken up more than one’s share of the screen time makes one’s time spent giving the initial appearance description seem even longer.

Four: Two players both deciding that they are going to get their backstories out there somehow and taking every opportunity to start laying the foundations for someone to ask can get pretty hilarious at times. Especially if they’re prone to banter.

Five: Cliffhangers are lovely—but ending on a cliffhanger when your players are prone to crazy plans does greatly increase the likelihood that they’ll come up with something absurd but justifiable rather than something impressive-looking. There might also be contingencies.

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