Tales from the Sketchbook: It Takes a Legion

Some things seem to beg for complicated, pushing mixed media art, finding new and interesting ways to use pastels, watercolors, colored pencil layering, black permanent markers, White-out and a pushpin, or all of the above. Some just require severe boredom, an index card and a mechanical pencil.

I blame these guys on one of my GMs. He sets a plot up such that we’re about to run into my character’s backstory characters, then ends session mentioning a need to get descriptions together. And I’ll be the first to admit, my drawing is rusty (and my library’s figure drawing book is sadly missing), so I’ve been in a more stylized phase, trying to get my spark back.

I’m not sure about my spark, but I drew this quartet. Mostly they were pretty easy (aside from the one with the impressive hair ending up with the wrong weapon because of where I was when I drew him, and the one with the scroll taking about a dozen tries before I could get him to look masculine. For some reason I have a lot of trouble with guys’ faces).

And hey, if the GM can use them? Power to him. I just need to remember to get him some color imagery.

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  1. UZ says:

    You have a spark for drawing? Lucky! I’ve been practicing for years and I’ve got almost nothing, a dim glow at best.

    But, I did learn about the curve tool in Windows Paint 6.1 (that’s the Paint that comes with Windows 7).

    See, I thought MSPaint was useless and I never gave it a second thought. Then I saw someone’s tutorial video on Youtube, drawing Kirby with the exclusive use of the curve tool and bucket fill. Can’t find this video now, sadly, although there are a million more.

    Anyway I tried it and found that my artistic abilities increased from fridge art level to Disgaea hack fanart level within a few short hours, which is definitely something to be proud of for someone of my extremely limited ability. Hell, I can draw a robot insect that actually looks like a robot insect now, and eerily, I find that practice with Paint feeds back into my paper drawing ability.

    Well, that’s me anyway.

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